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Key Features to Consider before Selecting Aluminum Gantries for Any Operation

The scientifically designed aluminum gantries are capable of satisfying all types of load lifting capacities at outdoor sites or indoor facilities. These cranes may ensure effortless transfer of loads in any climatic condition, as the rain or any type of moisture does not corrode the aluminum. Hence, it is a prudent decision to invest into an aluminum gantry crane. The weather-resistant body increases the longevity of these lifting devices. The scalable features increase the usefulness of these cranes. However, it is essential to consider some salient features, during the selection to make the most of your investment in gantry cranes.

Technical Specifications

It is essential to check a few technical specifications during the selection of aluminum gantries to avoid complications. Alongside the heights of under-beam and headroom areas, you may

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need to consider the measurement of chain-fall before making any final selection. The term ‘chain-fall’ is used to specify the amount of chain that is available for lifting. It is paramount to learn about this measurement, as the lifting capacity of a chain largely depends upon its size and length. It is equally important to consider the width of a crane’s I-beam because wider I-beams can carry heavier loads. You may plan on using a gantry crane in an indoor set-up. In this scenario, it is essential to consider the span or total width of a gantry crane. This measurement allows you to determine, if a crane is fit for your set-up.

Load-Bearing Capacity

The aluminum gantries are designed for stability, mobility and performance. However, not every crane is capable of lifting an equal amount of weight. Hence, it is wise to check the load-lifting and load-bearing capacities of a crane before making any final selection. This assessment may save you from accidents during the transportation of load due to a miscalculation.

Scalable Features

This is another vital feature to consider during the selection of aluminum gantries. It is possible to adjust the height and span of many aluminum gantry cranes. These alterable features enable you to increase/decrease the height or span of a crane in indoor/outdoor locations without any difficulty. These features also save you from modifying the interior décor of a workstation or factory. Alongside the adjustable features, it is possible to fold or detach different parts of an aluminum gantry. This facility significantly increases the portability of a gantry crane. Hence, these features are extremely important, during the selection of aluminum gantries.

Assessment of Portability

The aluminum gantries are designed for portability. The use of wheels or steel casters increases the portability of these cranes. The majority of the aluminum cranes are fitted with either wheels or casters. However, it is also possible to equip some cranes with both wheels and casters. This extra facility enables you to use an aluminum crane in different locations, as pneumatic wheels are ideal for rough/uneven surfaces and casters are ideal for smooth surfaces or tracks.