Overview of Machine Moving Skates with Different Structures of Rollers and Skate

The machine moving skates are mechanical devices that are used to move medium to heavier loads from one place to another. This load transferring equipment is used to move machineries within a short distance. These devices are useful within warehouses, workstations and factories. To transfer the load, you are supposed to manually move the skates. The manual transportation guarantees safety of the goods at the time of transfer within short distances.

Roller Types
The machine moving skates have multiple sets wheels placed under a chassis. These wheels are placed under a piece of heavy object/machinery after raising the load using a lifting mechanism. The skates that are used for the transfer of weight usually have steel or polyurethane-coated rollers. The steel rollers are suitable for the transfer of all types of loads on any type of surface. The steel rollers offer maximum durability and can carry any type of load. These rollers are suitable for the transfer of objects with wider bases. These rollers may move on smooth floors and uneven surfaces with equal efficiency. The polyurethane coated rollers can effortlessly move on smooth surfaces. These rollers are ideal for surfaces that require additional protection. The polyurethane coated rollers may become damaged on rough terrains and the skates using these rollers are unsuitable for wider loads. Hence, the usefulness of machine-moving skates depends largely upon the built of rollers.

The Various Types of Skates

Versatile Utility Skates

The utility skates may become the most versatile device amidst three different types of machine moving skates. These skates can effortlessly transfer the heavier objects on a straight line. These skates are equally efficient in turning with loads. Hence, you may use these skates to transfer weight in different scenarios. These skates may carry 1.5 to 37.5 tons of weight. The utility skates may use steel or polyurethane rollers. The skates with polyurethane rollers are ideal for sensitive surfaces and the skates with steel rollers are suitable for all types of surfaces. The wide platform of utility skates offers maximum stability and equal distribution of weight.

Skates for Narrow Spaces
You may need to move weight across a narrow surface with limited space for movement. In this scenario, you may benefit from using the straight-line machine moving skates. These skates can carry 2.5 tons to 100 tons of weight. Hence, these skates are suitable for a heavy-duty performance. These skates remain close to the ground and may have welded steel frames to ensure that the skates have enough strength for the carriage of heavier loads.

Compact Skates
The compact machine moving skates can effortlessly move 1.5-12.5 tons of weight. These compact skates give you excellent directional control during the transfer of load. These skates may have a friction plate between a swivel plate’s bottom surface and the dolly’s top frame. The presence of friction plate reduces the jostling of an object during the movement.