Types of Portable Gantry Cranes for Different Types of Goods’ Transfer

You may use a portable gantry crane in different types of operations. You may use the gantry cranes to transfer or to unload large machineries and heavy shipments/cargoes. These cranes require no overhead runways to move the load, as these cranes use wheels or casters for movement. These cranes can move without requiring any assistance of the motorman. You may use a remote-control device to transfer the load from one place to another. These efficient lifting devices are available in different shapes and are built with two different materials.

Variation of Gantry Cranes based on Building Materials

The portable gantry cranes are manufactured with either aluminum or steel. It is also possible for you to find hybrid gantry cranes. The hybrid cranes may have an aluminum body with an I-beam made of steel. Different types of materials are suitable for different types of scenarios. The gantry cranes made of steel can lift and transfer the maximum load. However, the weight of steel makes the cranes unsuitable for fragile surfaces, such as roofs. These lifting devices are suitable for rail-yards, shipyards or other areas for the transfer of heavier loads.
On the other hand, the portable gantry cranes made of aluminum are suitable for the transfer of medium to lighter weight. These lightweight cranes are fitted with various alterable features. You may change the height of vertical beams or the span of horizontal beam in accordance to your requirements. Hence, these cranes are ideal for any location that may have overhead obstacles or narrow lanes. The lighter weight makes aluminum cranes equally suitable for moving on fragile surfaces without causing any damage. The weatherproof feature of aluminum makes the all-aluminum cranes suitable for outdoor applications in any climatic condition. The aluminum also prevents all types of electrical accidents.
The hybrid cranes combine the lightness of aluminum with higher load-lifting capacity of steel. The I-beam of this type of portable gantry crane is made of steel. The presence of a steel beam in an aluminum body increases the load-lifting and load-bearing capacity of gantry cranes. It is usually possible to replace the steel beam with aluminum beam to use one crane in different scenarios. Hence, the hybrid cranes increase the usefulness of a gantry crane.

Variation of Gantry Cranes based on Girder Numbers

The portable gantry cranes may have single/double girders to satisfy the requirements of different users. The gantry cranes with single girder, have compact structures. These lifting devices can move effortlessly inside warehouses, workstations and manufacturing units. These cranes can transfer medium-to-heavy cargoes. The double-girder cranes are ideal for industries that transfer heavier loads from one point to another. The height of the hoist that is present under the girder is higher in double-girder cranes in comparison to single-girder cranes. Alongside the varying numbers of girders, some portable cranes may have L-shaped legs that facilitate the effortless lifting and transfer of large cargos.