Usefulness of Aluminum Gantry Cranes in Different Industries

The lightweight aluminum alloy is used in the construction of different types of machines for varied industries. In yesteryears, the heavy-duty steel was used to design durable and strong gantry cranes. Many individuals believed that the lightweight aluminum is not suitable for the lifting of heavier loads. The modern manufacturers of aluminum gantry cranes have put these doubts to rest. With meticulous designing and careful engineering, these manufacturers have been able to develop cranes that remain stable under extreme pressure. Hence, the aluminum cranes can carry the load with equal stability contrary to the popular belief.
Alongside the load-bearing capacity, the scalable features also increase the usefulness of aluminum gantry cranes. The users may adjust the height and span of these cranes in accordance to their requirements. It is possible to fold or compress different parts of aluminum gantries. The users of aluminum cranes also have the opportunity to detach various parts during transportation. It is also possible for a user to assemble these parts without requiring the assistance of another individual. This single feature increases the usefulness of aluminum cranes. The users may even carry these lightweight cranes from one location to another inside a medium sized vehicle due to the presence of detachable compartments. These beneficial features make aluminum cranes useful in different types of industries.

Construction Sites
The overhead cranes cannot operate without parallel runways. It is not possible to build these cranes at every construction site. There may not be enough space or the terrain may not be ideal for the construction of overhead runways. It is also expensive to build runways. It may not be possible for the owner of every project to spend this additional money on the construction of runways. The aluminum gantry cranes can liberate you from these requirements. These cranes run on either steel casters or pneumatic tires to transport the load. Hence, these cranes require no overhead runways. The steel casters are ideal for running on tracks or smooth surfaces. The tires can run on both smooth and uneven surfaces. Hence, these gantry cranes are useful in all types of construction sites.

HVAC Industry
The professionals associated with HVAC industry benefit from using the aluminum gantry cranes. It is possible to push these lightweight cranes up and down the buildings during work. It is also possible for these cranes to move on the roof without causing any damage. The gantry cranes for HVAC industry usually have multiple casters to distribute the load across the width. It prevents the load from accumulating at one point and from damaging the roof.

Workstations or Factories
The adjustable features make the aluminum gantry cranes equally useful at indoor set-ups. The workstations/factories often have overhead structures. With height adjustable legs of aluminum gantries, you can move the load under any overhead structure without removing the obstacle. It saves you from remodeling a unit and making any additional expenditure.